Prières à Marie Auxiliatrice


O Marie, Vierge puissante, vous êtes la grande et illustre protectrice de l’Église, vous êtes l’aide merveilleuse des chrétiens, vous êtes terrible comme une armée en ligne de bataille. Vous qui seule avez détruit toutes les hérésies dans le monde entier, protégez-nous dans notre détresse, dans notre lutte et dans notre défense difficile contre l’ennemi; et, à l’heure de notre mort, accueillez nos âmes au Paradis.

Je vous salue Marie, pleine de grâce, le Seigneur est avec vous.
Vous êtes bénie entre toutes les femmes et Jésus,le fruit de vos entrailles, est béni. Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu, priez pour nous pauvres pécheurs, maintenant et à l’heure de notre mort.

Nous vous saluons, Reine, Mère de miséricorde, notre vie, notre joie, notre espérance, salut. Enfants d’Eve, nous crions vers vous de fond de notre exil. Nous soupirons vers vous, gémissant et pleurant dans cette vallée de larmes. O vous notre avocate, tournez vers nous vos regards miséricordieux. Et après l’exil de cette vie, montrez nous Jésus, le fruit béni de vos entrailles, tendre, aimante, douce vierge Marie. Priez pour nous, sainte Mère de Dieu. Afin que nous devenions dignes des promesses de Jésus Christ.

!Oh, piadosísima virgen María¡
que jamás de ha oído decir,
que ninguno de los que han acudido a vuestra protección,
implorando vuestra asistencia y reclamado vuestro socorro,
haya sido abandonado de Vos.
Animado con esta confianza,
a Vos también acudo,
!Oh, madre,
Virgen de las Vírgenes¡
y aunque gimiendo bajo el peso de mis pecados,
me atrevo a aparecer ante vuestra presencia soberana
No desechéis,
!Oh, Madre de Dios¡
mis humildes súplicas,
antes bien,
inclinad a ellas vuestros oídos y dignaos atenderlas favorablemente.



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O Maria Ausiliatrice, noi ci affidiamo nuovamente, totalmente, sinceramente a te!
Tu che sei Vergine Potente, resta vicino a ciascuno di noi.
Ripeti a Gesù, per noi, il « Non hanno più vino » che dicesti per gli sposi di Cana,
perché Gesù possa rinnovare il miracolo della salvezza,

Ripeti a Gesù: « Non hanno più vino! », « Non hanno salute, non hanno serenità, non hanno speranza! ».
Tra noi ci sono molti ammalati, alcuni anche gravi, confortali, o Maria Ausiliatrice!
Tra noi ci sono molti anziani soli e tristi, consolali, o Maria Ausiliatrice!
Tra noi ci sono molti adulti sfiduciati e stanchi, sostienili, o Maria Ausiliatrice!
Tu che ti sei fatta carico di ogni persona, aiuta ciascun di noi a farsi carico della vita del prossimo!
Aiuta i nostri giovani, soprattutto quelli che riempiono le piazze e le vie,

ma non riescono a riempire il cuore di senso.
Aiuta le nostre famiglie, soprattutto quelle che faticano a vivere la fedeltà, l’unione, la concordia!
Aiuta le persone consacrate perché siano un segno trasparente dell’amore di Dio.
Aiuta i sacerdoti, perché possano comunicare a tutti la bellezza della misericordia di Dio.
Aiuta gli educatori, gli insegnanti e gli animatori, perché siano aiuto autentico alla crescita.
Aiuta i governanti perché sappiano cercare sempre e solo il bene della persona.
O Maria Ausiliatrice, vieni nelle nostre case,

tu che hai fatto della casa di Giovanni la tua casa, secondo la parola di Gesù in croce.
Proteggi la vita in tutte le sue forme, età e situazioni.
Sostieni ciascuno di noi perché diventiamo apostoli entusiasti e credibili del Vangelo.
E custodisci nella pace, nella serenità e nell’amore,

ogni persona che alza verso di te il suo sguardo e a te si affida.

Prayer to Mary Help of Christians.

 First Day:

O Mary, by your presence at the foot of the cross,
you comforted and strengthened your son as he offered his life to the Father.
Be with me at the hour of my death, and lead me quickly to
the joys of your Son’s kingdom in heaven.

Second Day:

O Mary, by your visit to your cousin, Saint Elizabeth, you joyfully spread
the good news of the coming of Jesus into the world. May many young people
generously follow your example, and give their lives totally to the service
of your Son as priests, brothers and sisters.

 Third Day:

O Mary, ever since the wedding feast of Cana you have always been the
powerful help of all those who have asked your aid and protection.
By your prayers, keep me free from all dangers and help me always
to rise above my faults and failings.

Fourth Day:

O Mary, by your presence at the foot of the cross, you comforted and
strengthened your son as he offered his life to the Father.
Be with me at the hour of my death, and lead me quickly to the
joys of your Son’s kingdom in heaven.

 Fifth Day:

O Mary, by your presence in the upper room you strengthened and encouraged
the apostles and disciples as they waited for the coming of the
Holy Spirit at Pentecost. May I always be open to the gifts of the Spirit,
and may my faith always be deep and living.

 Sixth Day:

O Mary, throughout her long history you have always defended your Son’s
Church from the attacks of her enemies. Be with her again in our days.
Help each one of us to be her loyal subjects and to work without ceasing
for that unity of peace and love for which your Son so fervently prayed.

 Seventh Day:

O Mary, you have always been the special guide and protector of Saint
Peter’s successor, the Bishop of Rome. Keep our present Holy Father in
your loving care. Defend him from all harm and give him all those gifts
he needs to be the faithful shepherd of your Son’s flock.

Eight Day:

O Mary, the wonderful way you helped Saint John Bosco’s work to grow
and spread shows that you have a great love for the young. As you
watched over the child Jesus at Nazareth, so now watch over all young people,
especially those most in need, and help them to grow daily in love of your Son.

 Ninth Day:

O Mary, you so often showed great courage during your life here on earth.
Help all those who are suffering pain and persecution as they try to worship your Son.
Obtain for me a deep love of Jesus, so that my life may always be pure,
my service of others generous and loving, and my death a truly happy one.

Hail Mary, full of grace…

Pray for us, O Immaculate, Help of Christians.
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray
Heavenly Father, place deep in our hearts the love of Mary, our help and the help of all Christians. May we
fight vigorously for the faith here on earth, and may
we one day praise your victories in heaven. Grant this
in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.